Cover image for science fiction graphic novel space time travel Cover image for science fiction graphic novel space time travel
  • Writer: Tom Woodman
  • Artist: Rupert Smissen
  • Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

Time has run out.

Humanity is clinging on to an Earth facing imminent collapse. Kay Mielniczuk, fierce optimist, convinces her dying wife, astronaut Murray Mielniczuk, to take on one last assignment.

Catapulted through time on a wing, a prayer, and some theoretically correct science, they set out in search of a cure… for Murray and for the planet.

Future is a 128-page full colour original graphic novel about time travel, the apocalypse, and finding hope in the ultimate power of love.

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Photo of Tom Woodman

Tom Woodman

Tom is a writer, editor, and part of the award-winning improv comedy group Shoot From The Hip, which has garnered recommendations from Time Out, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, among others.

Future is his first graphic novel. His bookshelf just collapsed under the weight of exhaustive research.

Photo of Rupert Smissen

Rupert Smissen

Rupert is an award-winning illustrator and visualiser. He has worked on projects for many leading brands and publications including Ray-Ban, Topman, Cannes Lions Festival, The Sunday Times and Little White Lies.

When not wielding a pencil (or stylus) there’s a good chance he’ll be riding his bikes, or brushing up on his bushcraft. Or attempting to combine the two. Future is his first comic.