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Cast Iron Books is a new independent publisher
of graphic novels, illustrated books and experimental fiction.

We believe in empowering writers and artists to create stories that stay with a reader long after the last page has been turned.

Most of all we believe that books should be things of beauty, that good storytelling should be an end in itself, and that if you want to make something that lasts, make sure there’s some graphite in it.

Current projects


Cover image for science fiction graphic novel space time travel
  • Writer: Tom Woodman
  • Artist: Rupert Smissen
  • Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
  • Hardback: 128pp
  • Release date: December 2020
  • ISBN: 9781838224103
  • Full Colour: 170mm × 260mm

Time has run out.

Humanity is clinging on to an Earth facing imminent collapse. Kay Mielniczuk, fierce optimist, convinces her dying wife, astronaut Murray Mielniczuk, to take on one last assignment.

Catapulted through time on a wing, a prayer, and some theoretically correct science, they set out in search of a cure… for Murray and for the planet.

Future is a 128-page full colour original graphic novel about time travel, the apocalypse, and finding hope in the ultimate power of love.

Photo of Tom Woodman

Tom Woodman

Tom is a writer, editor, and part of the award-winning improv comedy group Shoot From The Hip, which has garnered recommendations from Time Out, The Metro, and The Evening Standard, among others.

Future is his first graphic novel. His bookshelf just collapsed under the weight of exhaustive research.

Photo of Rupert Smissen

Rupert Smissen

Rupert is an award-winning illustrator and visualiser. He has worked on projects for many leading brands and publications including Ray-Ban, Topman, Cannes Lions Festival, The Sunday Times and Little White Lies.

When not wielding a pencil (or stylus) there’s a good chance he’ll be riding his bikes, or brushing up on his bushcraft. Or attempting to combine the two. Future is his first comic.

Coming soon

The Plague and Doctor Caim


Cover image for fantasy graphic novel Candles by Lyndon White
  • Creator: Lyndon White
  • Hardback: 120pp
  • Release date: TBC
  • ISBN: 9781838224141
  • Full Colour: 190mm × 260mm
Generation after generation, people are taught one thing – never use magic…

When a plague known as Dark-bark spreads over the land one by one infected villagers disappear into the enchanted forest never to be seen again. When it reaches her village, a young girl called Grace sets out to destroy the evil witch responsible and save her family by any means possible – even if she must steal the witch’s magic.

As candles flicker and wolves howl into the night sky, Idris, a flamboyant sorcerer, and his talented apprentice Ava, are cast out of their town when their talent for magic is discovered. Determined to find the source of the misery that has made them outsiders, they too begin to hunt the root of the Dark-bark… but all is not as it seems.

An all-ages story about magic, family and a plague that has no mercy, Candles is the latest graphic novel from Lyndon White, creator of Reanimator, for lovers of fantasy, fairy tales, monsters and magic.

Photo of Lyndon White

Lyndon White

Lyndon White is an illustrator, writer and comic artist, who has worked on a range of popular graphic novels, concertina books and comics. On occasion, you’ll even find him teaching comics. Outside of comics he produces art work and designs for bands, book covers, textile illustration, storyboards and concept work. He spends most of his time drawing in his studio, playing loud music and drinking coffee.

At Cast Iron Books we are looking for graphic novels, illustrated books and works of experimental fiction that at their core have something meaningful to say about the world we live in.

Visit our submissions page to read our guidelines for making submissions.

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